Peggy Sousa

Certified Executive Coach, Senior Business Advisor

If coaching was available to more people earlier on in their careers, we would have a world of better leaders.
– Peggy Sousa

At this stage of her career, Peggy is focused on the development and professional growth of others. And that, for her, is one of the most personally rewarding aspects of leadership. In addition, Peggy, as a strategic consultant, brings more than 25 years of winning the game to help business owners and leaders solve their most complex issues.

Peggy Sousa is a corporate leader with a broad and deep range of Fortune 100 business knowledge, skills, and a history of generating over $3 billion of top-line revenue growth and consistently enhancing profits and margins. With this background, Peggy utilizes her extensive real-world experience and proven coaching skills in guiding leaders through change and successfully bringing them to the next level of professional excellence while creating value and bottom-line growth for the organization.

Peggy served in senior leadership positions at American Express and Aon Affinity as a strategic business development partner to multi-national and mid-size companies across many industries. She led regional, national, and global teams throughout her career as a Fortune 100 senior business executive in the B2B and B2B2C space.

A graduate of New York University, Peggy is a Certified Executive Coach from Columbia University and an ICF Certified Coach. She is also certified in Hogan Assessments and the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI). Previously, Peggy served as a board member of ACCION East (now Ascendus), a non-profit microfinance organization.

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